How to Get Lean and Strong.

(Without Spending Your

Whole Life in the Gym)

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I am much stronger, have more stamina, flexibility and even confidence since working with JM Custom Fitness. I have lost just over 11 pounds but have “rearranged” more than that in terms of building muscle and losing fat. I really enjoyed the attention to technique and judgement-free encouragement.

Tom Reid

Jason Polman, JMP Fitness and Performance

Even a coach needs a coach sometimes.  I'm a busy fitness trainer and triathlete and I spend a lot of my week designing fitness programs and training clients, so the last thing I want to do is write my own training program.  I hired Jordan and JM Custom Fitness as my online strength and conditioning coach because as a coach I know how important it is to have a fitness expert who can get you to your goals quickly and safely.  In just a few months of working with Jordan I have 1) increased my flexibility and range of motion, 2) improved my strength, and 3) built some lean muscle (which isn't that easy to do when you are in your forties.)  I'm really happy I made the investment in Jordan and I'm looking forward to reaching my next set of goals with his continued help.

Jessica Rucins

I used JM Custom Fitness’s online training program while I was commuting for work and attending college full-time. They put together a plan that focused on weight lifting and high-intensity cardio that I could do in any gym, at any time. In the past, I used a lot of light weights and steady-state running but they challenged me to do new things and I have been very pleased with the results! I would recommend online training services to anyone that leads a busy life!