Don’t Sabotage Yourself

Success is right over the hill.

That’s a common saying telling people to keep pushing through the hard times because success is just beyond the current tough times that they are in. This applies to everything but could not be more true with fitness related goals!

If you have a big goal that you are looking to accomplish such as losing twenty pounds, dropping 5% bodyfat or completing a double bodyweight deadlift then it is going to take a lot of work. At times you won’t see the needle moving closer to your goal, you may even slide backwards. This is totally normal. Nothing worth doing is easy and it will be challenging both physically and mentally.

It’s much more comfortable to abandon your goal and quit but it is not rewarding and won’t help you grow as a person. When you are having trouble staying motivated or sticking to the plan you must remember why you started in the first place. There is a very good reason that you decided to change you life habits and pursue a new goal. Maybe you realized one day that your regular clothes didn’t fit or that you were out of breath doing something that you loved. You MUST remember why you started to push through these tough times. Write it down, see it everyday, become obsessed with it. Put your goal somewhere that you can’t help but being reminded of what you’re trying to achieve. I guarantee this will light a fire under you and get you through those tough periods of time.

Nothing worth doing is easy. You made a decision in the beginning to change part of your life and you will be successful if you persist through the tough times. This is they key to getting what you want out of life!

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