One of the biggest reasons I hear for not getting started in the gym is that they are just too intimidating!

This is understandable for more than one reason. When you walk into a regular gym there are hundreds of pieces of equipment, a bunch of people that look like they know what they are doing and no instruction manual. Even if you know how to use a few pieces of equipment it can be confusing to figure out how to arrange an effective program doing these exercises. In fact program design is so important that us fitness professionals spend years learning how to create and effective program and are always refining this process.

When I first made my way into the local YMCA at 14 years old I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Naturally as an adolescent boy I was drawn to the upper body chest and back machines. This meant that I spent 3 or 4 days a week doing a “chest and back day” along with plenty of time on the treadmill due to my experience with track and field. My results were less than stellar and I knew that I looked lost, having no idea what I was doing. Had it not been for my workout buddy I probably would have never gone. Upon entering high school and having mandatory lifting sessions I was finally exposed to a program and coaching on what proper technique in lifts looked like. We were lucky enough to have a full time strength coach that made sure we were following well planned strength program that would get us results.

So if gyms are intimidating, confusing and largely ineffective what is one to do? You could go to your local Globo Gym, grab a membership, use it a few times and then never go back. Which is exactly what happens many times and is the main reason large gyms like that are able to stay open, by people having memberships and not coming. Or you could take some of there classes which have 40-70 participants and one instructor, I’m sure you will get a lot of individual attention there and have a great experience. You could also hit up that huge bank of cardio machines right when you walk in the door and run, bike or climb stairs until your knees and hips hurt.


Seek out an expert! At JM Custom Fitness we take the intimidation factor out of working out by making workouts fun, effective and meeting every new member exactly where they are. Tailoring a program to each new member by finding out their abilities, injury history and training history allows us to help our members hit the ground running. Instead of just throwing you on the treadmill we find the right exercises that will make the biggest difference in you reaching your goals, all while keeping you safe and making you stronger and more mobile. We also have group classes outside of our training but they are small, fun and intimate. Our semi private training program even addresses nutrition and correcting movement dysfunction that may have occurred from job related postures or previous training with improper form.

If you are going to train then you might as well do it right! We only have so much time, energy and mental effort to allot to exercise and maximizing our time in the gym is incredibly important. Rather than spending months in a Globo Gym with nothing to show for it come join us on the road to results!