Men's Transformation Program

Get lean and fit in Minneapolis

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We are a local Minneapolis training service:

JM Custom Fitness

2746 Blaisdell Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Program Options Available:

  • 1x a week or Unlimited training

All Options Include:

  • Unlimited Group Classes
  • Nutrition and Supplementation Customization
  • Measurements, Accountability and Community Support

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How We Will Get You Results

  • 1

    Smart Programming

    Proven strength training programming based off a Functional Movement Screen that takes your individual goals and abilities into account.

  • 2

    Sustainable Nutrition

    Nutrition strategies based off years of research that have helped hundreds of people achieve the physiques that they desire.

  • 3

    Fun and Effective Workouts

    We use a no BS approach to training that is both fun and challenging. Whether is is through TRX, Kettlbell, Ultimate Sandbag or your own bodyweight will get you the results that you want and teach you some cool stuff along the way.

Here Are Some Of Our Members

Tom got lean and strong.

Tom is one of our hardest workers. Since joining he has lost 22.4 pounds and put on lots of muscle. He has also competed in two Tactical Strength Challenges and is currently training for a third.

Keith lost over 40 pounds of fat.

Keith has currently lost over 40 pounds of fat, added several pounds of muscle and is showing no signs of slowing down. He has achieved this by coming in two times a week and sticking with out easy to follow JM Custom Fitness Nutritional Guidelines.