Portion Sizes!

In America we eat way too much food!

This is the primary reason that we have obesity problems. The other reasons being lack of activity, lots of processed foods and large amounts of sugar.

When it comes to portion sizes you can get as extreme as measuring everything down to the gram with a food scale or just eyeballing it to make sure you don’t eat much.

There is a much simpler system that is accurate and very portable. Your hand!

You can use your hand to measure portion sizes of protein, carbs, fats and veggies or fruits. It’s very simple.

  • One palm equals one serving of protein.
  • One cupped hand equals a serving of carbohydrates.
  • One thumb equals a serving of fats.
  • One fist equals a serving of veggies or fruits.

Make sure that all of your meals contain one of these and you’ll be off to a good start!