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How We Can Help You

Our strategy session helps you determine exactly where you are at this point in time so you can make an informed decision on how you can best meet your fitness goals.

This is what you can expect when coming in for a JM Custom Fitness Strategy Session:

A highly trained professional coach will sit down with you and go over your medical history, past exercise experience, any injuries you may have had and most importantly your goals. You will then be taken through a Functional Movement Screen which will test your flexibility and range of motion. The goal of the FMS is to ensure that you are given results in the shortest possible time while also keeping you safe and mobile. This assessment is not embarrassing or awkward and is used for anyone entering an exercise program who wants to gain or maintain good movement! We will use this information to determine if JM Custom Fitness is a good fit for you and if so what program is necessary for you to meet your goals.


We are so confident in our services that we are willing to offer you a no strings attached two week trial for $89. During this trial you will be able to experience all of the great services that JM Custom Fitness Members receive. If at the end of the two weeks you are not completely satisfied then we have not earned your business!