What is a RAMP?

Before every session we do a RAMP. While some may consider the RAMP a “warm up” it’s actually quite a bit more than that.

Before we even start training someone at JM Custom Fitness we take them through a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). An FMS screen helps us determine the right exercises to start them with, how to make the quickest progress possible and also avoid injury. Sometimes we also find that areas that need to move better. When we design a RAMP for a new member these areas are our number one consideration. We want everyone to have the proper range of motion and control of their joints and muscles so they can perform exercises properly.

RAMP stands for Range of Motion, Activation and Movement Prep which is exactly what makes it stand out from normal stretching or a cardio warm up. These things all happen in a RAMP anyway.

Before the actual RAMP we start with forms of Self Myofacial Release (SMR). SMR is a form of self massage using tools such as a foam roller, lacrosse ball or massage stick. This helps to get rid of tightness and soreness in the muscles and is one of the most effective tools we have in improving mobility. At JM Custom Fitness we recommend SMR before and after training sessions.

With the Range of Motion portion we incorporate static stretching such as a hamstring stretch (think stretch and hold) and dynamic stretching (movement based stretching such as a Rib Pull or Quadruped Hydrants). These static stretches are meant to lengthen a shortened muscle while the dynamic stretches are meant to improve the range of motion of the joints that we will be using in the workout. Both of these are important but static stretching almost always happens before the dynamic stretches and after foam rolling or SMR.

Activation drills that we incorporate are meant to get certain muscles working so they can perform properly during the workout. Exercises such as hip bridges to activate the glutes are a great example of this. Sometimes muscles get “sleepy” and don’t work as they should without being activated.

Movement Prep is the portion dedicated to making sure we are ready to perform the exercises in the program. Exercises such as the Split Squat and Lateral Squat are a great example of this but there are many others. We aren’t throwing these in the RAMP just to make you do more split squats! Everything in your program is done for a reason.

The RAMP won’t only get you ready for the strength training portion of your workout but it has also been proven to help people be stronger and perform better. Skipping a RAMP will only result in poor performance and less than stellar results. Take it seriously and give it all of the attention that the RAMP deserves!